We believe that we have something in common beyond the border, language, and religion. For instance, no one gets upset by being smiled at. We want to create things that we can share the happiness and impression. This motivated us to start a business. WANANN, Inc. is referred to as wan-an in Japanese, wanan in English. “Wan” means “bowl” and “an” means “roughly-built shack.” Happiness and impression, these are not so big things. They are something like a feeling that we will have when we are in the space with agreeable fellows to shelter from wind and rain, and hot water is poured into a bowl. We would like to continue to provide little creation for you.

Company Profile

Company NameWanann, Inc.
PresidentKyoichi Ichimura
Address2535 W. 237th St., Unit 106
Torrance,CA 90505
TEL : 310-415-5754
FAX : 310-491-5919

Brief History

July, 1997, we established design, editing, and strategic planning company ONE ANN in Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo.
August, 2000, ONE ANN was incorporated and changed its name to ONEANN, Inc. Kyoichi Ichimura was inaugurated as the CEO.
April, 2002, we established Kabushikigaisya Bigman Sya. Kyoichi Ichimura also held the post of CEO of Kabushikigaisya Bigman Sya.
June, 2003, Kabushikigaisya Bigman Sya changed its trade name to Kabushikigaisya Asia Syuppan Kabushiki Gaisya.
August, 2004, we established Asia House Kabushiki Gaisya.
August, 2004, we established Asia Communications Kabushiki Gaisya.
November, 2004, we established Kabushiki Gaisya Lita. We collected each companie as the corporate group.
November, 2005, we established American corporation ONEANN, Inc. Kyoichi Ichimura was inaugurated as the CEO.
July, 2006, Yugen Gaisya ONEANN was changed its trade name to Kabushiki Gaisya ONEANN due to amendment of Companies Act.
February, 2007, Asia House Kabushiki Gaisya became independent from the corporate group.
November, 2007, U.S. became the base of our business activities. Commenced the operations of Beikoku Hojin ONEANN, Inc.
July, 2008, we changed our company name from Beikoku Hojin ONEANN, Inc. to WANANN, Inc.
The situation continues up to today.

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