It has been 20 years since this company was established, and we have experience and results.
We offer world standard quality that is trusted from our clients.
Our company was founded in 1994 as Wanann individual design office, which is located in Kagurazaka, Tokyo.
We continued to grow the business from the design office to publisher through editing company, made inroads in the Los Angeles, United States in 2005.
We carry on business pertaining to graphic design, printing, web design, taking of commercial-use photographs, project planning, event promotion, advertising agency business, sales promotion advice and so on. We have a skill of managing the related tasks at a time, and we conduct business putting this skill to use. I am looking forward to being able to be useful to you.


We take editing and design production work, and we also help clients to start up a publication of books as a coordinator and producer.
We have had success not only with the design of CD jackets, music flyers, packages, POP, merchandise display but also the arrangement of booths and industrial design of medium other than paper.

These are the publications, works, web page production, and so on that we engaged in design, planning, and editing.
Yomiuri Shimbun Ichidokusantanyomiurikitan, Gekkan KITAN, Marui Catalog, Marui One Catalog, Marui Field Catalog, fashion magazine KERA, Gothic Lolita Bible, Happie, gapJAPAN, Pachinko Koryaku Magazine, Pachisuro Koryaku Magazine, Kusayakyu Okoku,Karada Kaiteki Books series, Toko Syashin, Magazine WOoooo!, JUNE, and Don't .
Edited Free magazine LALALA, HAPIHAPI, Goshiso, JapanUp, Vivinavi Kyujinshi, mail shopping catalog of Nishimoto Trading Co, and so on.


We take photographs such as portrait, food, and merchandise image. We conduct location shoot and studio shoot. * We have a studio.



We manage the Ocean Print which is a printing and design agency.



Events, live concerts, and meetings that we sponsored and organized.
◎Event of appreciation for fans who support Magazine Cure at Shibuya Public Hall in Tokyo ◎Cure Event at Club Holiday in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka every month. ◎ Monthly reports, annual meetings, and keynote speeches of Hitoto Dobutsuno Kakawari society at Kitasaso University Hospital. ◎Live concert at Katsucon in Washington D.C. ◎Live concert at Onicon in Huston, Taxes. ◎Live concert at Otakon in Baltimore. ◎Live concert at Animeboston in Boston. ◎Live concert at Fanimecon in San Jose. ◎Live concerts at convention in Los Angeles. ◎Live concert of the Killing Red Addiction at WhiskeyGoGo in Los Angeles. ◎Live photo shoot of fashion brand “Kunna” at Siren Studio in Hollywood.
We also held conferences of different themes, events such as a social gathering, and so on.



It is a magazine that introduces Japanese POP culture and subculture. It is sold since July 2007. It is distributed for $7 at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and so on. It is a non-periodical publication now.
This book mainly features entertainment, food, fashion, and tourism in Japan. It also consists serial programs such as a life simulation in Japan, offering a challenge Japanese traditional techniques and so on, which introduces Japanese life and culture. “World's first English Comprehensive Japanese information magazine.” It is posted on Webzin and E-Book as visual content.

It is a newspaper-like free paper written in English that introduces Japanese entertainment. Now it is a non-periodical publication and the publication continued until the sixth issue. Now we are looking for clients as a convention information guide magazine as we move on to the Webzin.

Amazon : amazon books
Apple : iBooks

Publications produced by our company and subsidiary companies.
◎Magazine/ Gekkan Pachisuro Koryaku Maniax (Bigman Company) ◎Magazine/ Gekkan Pachisuro Koryaku Maniax esu (Bigman Company) ◎Magazine/ Gekkan Pachisuro Maniax (Asia Publishing Company) ◎Magazine/ Gekkan Gintamakaidouzero (Asia Publishing Company) ◎Magazine/ Monthly Music Information Magazine Cure (Asia Publishing Company → Asia House ) ◎Book/ Shibuya Shelter by BaJoka (Asia Publishing Company) ◎Book/ Shibuya Land Mine by BaJoka (Asia Publishing Company) ◎Book/ Safty Zone by BaJoka (Asia Publishing Company) ◎Book/ Hitoto Doubutsuno Kakawari Volume one supervised by Takeshi Yoro (Asia Publishing Company)

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