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Wanann, Inc.


We believe that we have something in common beyond the border, language, and religion. For instance, no one gets upset by being smiled at. We want to create things that we can share the happiness and impression. This motivated us to start a business. WANANN, Inc. is referred to as wan-an in Japanese, wanan in English. “Wan” means “bowl” and “an” means “roughly-built shack.” Happiness and impression, these are not so big things. They are something like a feeling that we will have when we are in the space with agreeable fellows to shelter from wind and rain, and hot water is poured into a bowl. We would like to continue to provide little creation for you.
Brief History

July, 1997
We established design, editing, and strategic planning company ONE ANN in Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

August, 2000
ONE ANN was incorporated and changed its name to ONEANN, Inc. Kyoichi Ichimura was inaugurated as the CEO.

April, 2002
We established Kabushikigaisya Bigman Sya. Kyoichi Ichimura also held the post of CEO of Kabushikigaisya Bigman Sya.

June, 2003
Kabushikigaisya Bigman Sya changed its trade name to Kabushikigaisya Asia Syuppan Kabushiki Gaisya.

August, 2004
We established Asia House Kabushiki Gaisya.

August, 2004
We established Asia Communications Kabushiki Gaisya.

November, 2004
We established Kabushiki Gaisya Lita. We collected each companie as the corporate group.

November, 2005
We established American corporation ONEANN, Inc. Kyoichi Ichimura was inaugurated as the CEO.

July, 2006
Yugen Gaisya ONEANN was changed its trade name to Kabushiki Gaisya ONEANN due to amendment of Companies Act.

February, 2007
Asia House Kabushiki Gaisya became independent from the corporate group.

August, 2007
Asia Communications Kabushiki Gaisya became independent from the corporate group.

November, 2007
U.S. became the base of our business activities. Commenced the operations of Beikoku Hojin ONEANN, Inc.

July, 2008
We changed our company name from ONEANN, Inc. to WANANN, Inc.

The situation continues up to today.


Born in 1970
Born in Ashiya, Hyogo, JapanJapan.

March 1991
Graduated from Tokyo Designer Gakuin School of Visual Design. The following are the careers I worked during the period of school (2 years).
• Engaged in Mr. Shigeo Fukuda. Involved in art production at Suntory Hakushu factory.
• Involved in art production (sets and props) at Toho Built. Involved in the production of movies, dramas, amusement parks, etc.
• Attended the Ginza Wako Show Window Design Conference.
• Involved in printing plate making and typesetting department for one year at Edo plate making printing.

May 1991
Joined production MIXFIX Co., Ltd. Worked as a designer and art director.
Main clients: Dentsu, Hakuhodo, Dai Nippon Printing, Toppan Printing, Suntory, Tokyu Kanko, Nippon Travel Agency, Asahiya Bookstore, Apollon, Sony, Tamura Denki, Panasonic, Tokuma Shoten, Takarajima Shoten, Shufunotomosha, Ongakunotomosha.

May 1994
Left the company

History of other concurrent officers

Councilor, NPO Japan Human Animal Bond Society

Director/Public Relations Committee Chairperson, NPO Human-Animal Relations Research Institute

Auditor, MONOLITH Japan

Executive Officer, Publishing Producer, CEOLINK Co., Ltd.

His great-uncle is Tsunekazu Nishioka, a temple carpenter and master carpenter who reconstructed Yakushiji Temple and Horyuji Temple.